Financial Planning

Whether you are just starting your career or have already reached retirement age, we can help you implement strategies to accomplish your goals.

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There are complicated financial choices to be made both working toward retirement and during retirement. Our mission is to guide you to making informed decisions about your assets, taxes, debt, and income sources to maximize your future success.

Financial Plan Pricing

We provide full written financial plans as well as partial plans based on need. Some may require a comprehensive financial plan, while others may only need a review of one or two components. Fees for plans are based on a flat, project based fee schedule. The price typically ranges from $1,500 to $3,500 depending on the time required to develop the plan and will be determined after the first meeting with the client.

Planning Prevents Chaos

The average person will earn over a million dollars in his/her lifetime. Yet, the fact is most people today approaching retirement are unable to achieve the goals that are important for them to have a comfortable retirement. Too few have managed their finances to provide financial freedom at any stage of their lives, much less after they quit working. For many, financial planning seems like a long and complicated project that is put off despite knowing the importance.

But it doesn’t have to be. Butler Financial Services can help you keep your financial planning as simple as is appropriate for the goals you have. Whether you are just beginning your career, already retired, or somewhere in between, everyone has financial goals to consider.

From comprehensive financial plans to specific, expert advice concerning investments, insurance, student loans, business, estate, tax, or retirement planning, we help you create a strategy and stay disciplined to reach your financial goals.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals are fiduciaries held to the highest standard of acting in the best interests of our clients at all times.

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